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Crack Repair

Hot Rubber Crack Repair Contractors in Austin TX

Hot Rubber Crack Repair Contractors in Austin Texas

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Hot Rubber Crack Sealing & Repair Contractors in Austin, TX

Do you have issues with cracks in your asphalt driveway or parking lot? It doesn’t matter if you own a small home or manage a large commercial property, our experienced team can patch and seal your cracked asphalt and make it look brand new once again!  We are an experienced Hot Rubber Crack Sealing Repair Contractor in Austin, TX.  Our professionals suggest hot rubber crack sealing maintenance for all asphalt pavements – commercial and residential. Fix your asphalt problems today with a hot rubber crack seal application.

No matter how strong your asphalt is, it will inevitably crack over time. Erosion, weathering, and wear & tear will contribute to asphalt cracking. If you have noticed cracks spreading in your asphalt, now is the time for a repair. Our asphalt crack sealing is both effective and highly-affordable when compared to other asphalt maintenance companies. At Allstar Paving Construction, we use our industry-leading rubberized crack sealer to close up cracks and keep them sealed. We offer free estimates and consultations to advise you on the extent of crack sealing services needed to properly maintain your pavement.  We serve the entire Austin and Northwest Austin area.


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