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Allstar Paving Construction is a full-service Austin Paving Contractor. We serve both residential and commercial customers covering all of your Asphalt Paving needs. Our team of professionals provide a wide range of services including Asphalt Paving, Chip and Seal, Sealcoating, Crack Repair and more.  Our projects include Driveways, Roadways, Parking Lots, Ranch Roads, Farm Roads, Subdivisions and much more. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to reseal your driveway, or a commercial business owner looking to put in a new parking lot, we can help no matter what size job. Give us a call today at (512) 769-9991 for a free estimate from one of the top paving companies in Austin, TX.

Chip and Seal, Asphalt Sealcoating, Crack Repair, Driveways

Allstar Paving Construction has been offering high-quality asphalt solutions in the Austin and Northwest Austin area for years. Our experienced team can provide you with the services that you need to make your property look good and last for years to come. We will assist you with repaving or paving a driveway, provide a fresh sealcoat, or repair the cracks in your road. We are proud to be the premier paving company in Austin, TX and are known throughout the region for our reliable work. We can help you add value to your home or prepare your business for an increase of foot or automotive traffic. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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